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Class Descriptions

Preschool Dance Ages 2-4

Introduction to Dance! Integrate skills through dance, games and song. Dancers learn beginner dance terminology.

Ballet/Tap - Description...

Bitty Ballet - Description...

School Aged Dance 5-18

Our school aged dance program covers a wide range of dance genres and skill levels. Classes will focus on beginner to intermediate technique, movement, musicality, self expression and coordination.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz - description

Contemporary - Contemporary dance blends elements of multiple dance styles and lets dancers express emotionality through movements and breath. 

Lyrical - Lyrical dance is a style that combines ballet and jazz dancing techniques.

Musical Theatre - Musical Theatre is a jazz-based class filled with Broadway style dancing and music.

Hip Hop - Hip hop dance is an energetic combination of a very diverse range of street dance styles. 


Our leveled acrobatic arts program is designed to promote flexibility, strength​, balance, limbering, and tumbling for dancers. 

Tumble Tots - Introductory class improve flexibility balance and core strength while also learning beginner acro skills such as back bends, forward rolls, and cartwheels.

Beginner Acro - A beginner level class where students work on flexibility, core strength students the goal is 

Intermediate Acro - An intermediate class where students continue to work on mastering skills....

HIP HOP Ages 4-18

We offer leveled Hip Hop classes. This genre of dance incorporates a variety of old and new urban, street and pop dance styles. Hip hop dancing is very dynamic and helps the dancers improve flexibility, develop body balance, and coordination.

Hip Hop Level 1 - Description...

Hip Hop Level 2 - Description...

Hip Hop Level 3 - Description... 

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